Friends to Cuba

Although Cuba is a very popular tourist destination for thousands of Canadians each year, Bob & Susan Beer, and Jennifer Raymer (“Friends to Cuba”) travel to various sites in Cuba away from the beaches and resorts, assisting our Cuban friends in a variety of ways. Cuba is a beautiful country with beautiful people, but most tourists do not see beyond the resort areas or nearby “Tourist” sites and towns. In 2001, Bob and Susan Beer began making trips to the “other Cuba” on their own. During this time, the poverty and overwhelming need of the common people in the inner city and rural areas and beyond, captured their hearts. They then determined that they would endeavor to help whomever they could.

Returning home and conversing with friends they felt drawn to begin what today has become the humanitarian aid and charitable missions organization named “Friends to Cuba”.

With humble beginnings, and using mostly their own personal funds at least to begin, they made several trips, carrying in large amounts of supplies, like household goods, family medicines, personal care items, medical supplies and equipment destined for rural medical clinics, assorted school supplies, shoes, clothing, basic toys and games, sports equipment, laptops, cell phones, musical instruments and any other items that they could carry in large hockey bags. The various projects of “Friends to Cuba” are with children’s homes/orphanages, small medical clinics, smaller schools and house churches located in Matanzas and Santa Cruz del Norte.

Jennifer Raymer joined us in November of 2017. She has been providing humanitarian aid to the people and children of Cuba since 2011 on her own. She brings much experience, knowledge, love and compassion to our organization.

Today they carry on this ministry with the valued support of familes and individuals who have partnered with these specific projects. Many supporters of “Friends to Cuba” have become regular financial supporters after vacationing in Cuba and coming home with a greater understanding of how the true Cuba is beyond the resorts. The primary projects are children’s homes/orphanages, small house churches which are the only source of family community aid in the area. These concerned individuals who have joined in suppoprting the work of “Friends to Cuba” have joined the cause and have become a part of the mission to Cuba. “Friends to Cuba” is a registered non profit organization and is under the mission umbrella of GLOBAL OUTREACH MISSION.

We trust as you browse these pages and see the areas of concern and ministry and review the many photographs of what “Friends to Cuba” has accomplished beacuse of it’s supporters. You too will see and understand the need to respond to help our friends in Cuba and become part of the team and partner with us. Thank you and God Bless You!