The Children’s home in Matanzas has been sponsored and supported by the friends and partners of “Friends To Cuba” for the past six years. During that time, numerous changes have been undertaken.  New washrooms, showers, windows, doors, fans in every room, kitchen appliances, new laundry room with a new washer, a new chest freezer and numerous supplies for the home and children to name a few.  With the valued support of many friends and partners and the tourists who have visited the children’s home, all of these changes have been made possible. Go to the photos section to see all of the Matanzas children’s home photos.

We currently support 2 orphanages in Matanzas.

The Baby Orphanage has several children ages 0-6 years old.  This home is newer to us and we currently have on going projects in the bathroom and kitchen.  We provide humanitarian aid such as medications, clothing, bedding appliances, food, maintenance, and many other needs. 

The Older Children’s Home is just a short walk from the Baby Orphanage, and has several children ages 7-18 years old.   With several projects being completed over the years, we continue to provide daily necessities to the children.  We also provide humanitarian aid. 

Both orphanages we support are deeply committed to seeing each child is being raised and loved by their faithful staff.  At Friends to Cuba, we believe that caring for orphans is our God given priority that must be nurtured and intentionally focused upon to be effective and lasting. 

Our hope, is to expand the awareness of these orphanages, so that others can be a part of making a difference in the lives of these children.