Dear Friends,                                                                                                           March 2019

I have just recently returned from another trip to Cuba, as the official role of “Boots on the Ground” Director of Friends to Cuba.  I was blessed to have Robert and Susan there with me, and have Robert oversee my work as I confidently continue to learn the Cuban system and how things get done.

Robert, and I visited all of the project sites and successfully signed the agreements and contract with the Cuban Government Officials of the Department of Education/Social Services.  Construction materials have already arrived at the orphanage for the older children, ages 6-17 years. We are currently renovating entire kitchen and repairing the roof.

The orphanage for the younger children, ages 0-6 years, has already had the work men install a new double security door at the back of the building and provide an estimate to repair and renovate the kitchen and bathroom areas.  We will also be purchasing another 6 fans, a new refrigerator, some electrical wiring, and if we can locate one, a new freezer. We are also supplying the new kitchen with everything needed to cook and provide meals to the children.

I will be returning to Matanzas in May with a team to renovate and upgrade the younger children’s playground area.  We will be repairing the swingset, painting the surrounding cement walls, including a beautiful mural of the ocean, making it a much more fun area for the children. We will be purchasing some outdoor toys and hoping to build a sandbox area.  We will also be working on the planting and helping with the gardens to help provide healthy, fresh food for the children, right from their own yard!

The Friends to Cuba bus is now working more efficiently.  We delivered front wheel bearings, head gaskets, oil and air filters.  The bus is really coming along with these new parts, the complete repair and restoring of the interior floor and upholstery, and reinforcing the wheel wells and frame.  As soon as time permits, the bus will undergo a complete body job with new paint and the Friends to Cuba logo on both sides and rear of the bus. The Friends to Cuba logo is proudly displayed on the front of the bus now; great to see!

I will be continuing on keeping you all informed with current updates and photos through the Friends to Cuba Facebook Page and our Website. (  Please check them regularly to see the exciting updates that are happening!

Thank you again for your valued confidence and support.  Friends to Cuba is continuing on as always, and although Robert is slowing down, he will still be every present to all of us as I keep on going.

Kindly, your support for Friends to Cuba can be sent to: Global Outreach Mission, Box 1210, St. Catherine’s, ON  L2R 7A7

Salud ~ Cheers!

Jennifer Raymer

Director – Friends to Cuba

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