Feliz Navidad ~ Merry Christmas!                                                   December 2018

Did you know that many countries in the world do not celebrate this festive time of year?  Out of 195 countries, there are 160 that recognize Christmas. Out of these 160, there are many different traditions that come along with the holiday.  Cuba isn’t known for having the same type of festivities or celebrations for this sacred holiday as we know it in North America. They do however, have their own festivities such as roasting a pig and spending family time together.  They still will go out of their way to make all tourists feel welcome and comfortable in their country and include many different worldly traditions. They take pride in where they live, and so they should. Cuba is after all a paradise that millions of tourists go to relax and enjoy.

Each time I am in Cuba, I am immersing myself more and more.  The experiences I have make me feel like I am more a part of their world.  During this trip I was told I am a “reverse coconut”, which means I am Canadian on the outside but Cuban on the inside.  What a compliment! You see, being in Missions means not living as a tourist but like a local. It may take me years to truly understand their culture, but I am always ready and willing to live as they do.

This Missions trip was over 2 weeks.  The first part of my week was with 7 of my family members.  We were able to supply over 700 pounds of aid, thanks to all of our partners and supporters!  My family were able to see the work that Friends to Cuba has been doing over the years. We were able to make a meal for everyone and provide them with needs that we often take for granted.

The second week, Robert joined me in Cuba.  We spent many days in meetings with the directors of our projects, going over the immediate needs, future needs and what Friends to Cuba can do to help them.  We have an exciting 2019 with many plans for both homes.


Let me start by saying that if you ever want to be a part of something completely life changing, just step foot into a building where you are faced with many beautiful little ones all looking at you with such big eyes and arms stretched out.  We have 2 sets of twins, both just over 1 year old and several other lovely children. Beyond needing actual supplies, time spent showing them love and care is always appreciated. Currently, the “kitchen” needs many things, well…kitchen! This includes various utensils, pots and pans, strainers, grators, cutlery, mixing bowls, can openers just to name a few.  The larger needs at this point in time are a freezer, refrigerator, slow cooker, pressure cooker, blender and the construction materials to install the new stove that was provided. Most of these items can be purchased in Cuba. It would be a huge blessing to give this home a full, working kitchen. My hope is that we could be able to have the funds to provide the orphanage with each of these needs by February, when I will be returning.  I also noticed that the younger children need education toys…things like puzzles, shape sorters, counting and colour toys that will use their minds.


As many of you know, we have been working on this home for several years.  I was beyond pleased, not only to see the new patio and basketball net, but play with the kids too!  The need here is also in the kitchen. It needs to be more functional, including moving the counter top, doors and stoves.  This means we need your help in raising funds to be able to provide the materials and labour to make this project successful.


It was quite exciting to see the bus pull up with the new “Friends to Cuba” logo on the front!  It’s most certainly a start. Robert has been able to locate the next engine parts needed to ensure the bus is in working order to take children on day trips.  This bus is a considerable blessing in giving children a means to spending both beach days and educational field trips out and about their country.

Upon returning home, I felt so encouraged that with the support we have and our “Friends to Cuba” team, supporters and partners from all around the world, we will “Get it Done!”

Your valued and regular financial support is very important to us as we proceed to “Get it Done” in Cuba.  Friends to Cuba is an official registered “Not for Profit” charitable agency, with Global Outreach Mission.  You will receive a charitable tax receipt for all financial donations in Canada and the USA. You can send your valued and important donation to:

Global Outreach Mission

P.O. Box 1210

St. Catherines, Ontario  L2R 7A7 – or –

Global Outreach Mission

Box 1210

Buffalo, NY  14231

Thank you everyone, so much for your confidence and continued financial support to Friends to Cuba.  We wish you a most wonderful and blessed holiday season.

Jennifer Raymer


      To support Friends to Cuba please send your donations to:

GLOBAL OUTREACH MISSION, Box 1201, St. Catherines, Ontario L2R7A7 …. OR  GLOBAL OUTREACH MISSION, Box 1210, Buffalo New York, #14231

On your cheque or add a memo that your donation is for “Friends to Cuba”

Thank you again for your prayers, confidence and welcoming Jennifer Raymer to our team!

Blessings, God Bless…..Robert & Susan

   Also most important is your regular financial support to finance the many “On Island” expenses such as construction, renovation, supplies and equipment, hiring work crews, purchasing new items and equipment for each site, on island travel costs and finances for the general operation of each project.  Thank you everyone for your confidence and valued regular support.
​    For more information on ways you can support “FRIENDS TO CUBA” and be a part of “Friends to Cuba” please contact Bob at rbeer@golden.net or Jennifer at jenn.benn@me.com

God Bless and thank you for your valued support…. Bob Beer & Susan Beer

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